There is a Hope



I gazed at the back and saw thousand mistakes of mine, but the best thing that happened was I got to learn lesson which i might not forget in my entire life , I smiled at my mistakes rather than regretting on it cause i know life itself is a teacher and we are in a state of constant learning. Wasting your life in regretting is the most stupidest thing one can  actually do.

I could see a bright future of mine but the only problem is , I just need a little push so that i could keep going on and on without any pause.
Reality is something else, where there is a problem there is a life, once you get rid of your problems your life would come to a halt, cause life is all about challenges .

I keep thinking on how to get rid of my problems,but once I get rid of it i feel lonely, it might because problems keeps me busy and makes me much more happy once i found a solution, cause some one said “challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming is what makes life meaningful”.

Never the less don’t loose your hope cause where there is a hope, there is a life and remember one thing difficult road often lead to a beautiful destination.


Author: Pen Artist

I was born in 14th November and now once again I am born as a writer. Writing is something that gives me pleasure, a pleasure of peace. You know I find it difficult talking in front of people, I'm kind a shy person . I get nervous facing peoples. But when it is about writing i just keep going on and on.I can share my views, my thoughts, my feelings through out a pen, that's why you can see i gave my profile name as "PEN ARTIST". Once i found a quote which says "Life is like a flute it may have holes and emptiness but if you work on it carefully it can play magical melodies". I must say how beautiful thought one can have actually. I do have emptiness and holes so here i go , trying to cover it through writing.

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