Time waits for none


Putting my small elbows on the table I thought how stupid i was at my teenage.Being so immature and saying thing like i shouldn’t! I should have focus on my study rather than wasting my time behind those fellow friends that i use to have.Though i have said once , that i won’t regret cause its the most stupidest things , rather i would learn from my every mistake and that’s what i did. I over come and i am trying best not to repeat my mistakes. I am trying well to use my times and we all know time is precious.Each and every moment is an opportunity,each and every second is chance so do use it well cause you never know tomorrow might bring a new sunshine and you might shine even in the darkness.


Author: Pen Artist

I was born in 14th November and now once again I am born as a writer. Writing is something that gives me pleasure, a pleasure of peace. You know I find it difficult talking in front of people, I'm kind a shy person . I get nervous facing peoples. But when it is about writing i just keep going on and on.I can share my views, my thoughts, my feelings through out a pen, that's why you can see i gave my profile name as "PEN ARTIST". Once i found a quote which says "Life is like a flute it may have holes and emptiness but if you work on it carefully it can play magical melodies". I must say how beautiful thought one can have actually. I do have emptiness and holes so here i go , trying to cover it through writing.

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