Waves Rising for Me

waves rising for me

Life is all about digging up happiness no matter how deep it is and thinking of it a hard work is what sadness is. I was loss in a sea of nameless faces, and thought the world is not for but for the people all around me.I was trying to build a little place for me , a place of peace and happiness. I tried and tried but never gave up and at end got to see the ocean waves rising for me.The wave of the ocean didn’t let me to sink rather it has helped me to float with an ease.


Daughter’s are special


My daughters are the apple of my eyes and are not less than from any pearls. They have the most pretty little smile which is much more precious then what ever I have today. I don’t think of them a burden rather I treat them as a princess of my castle, cause i think each and every girl is born to be a queen not to be a slave.

A Thousand Reasons to Smile


I have learned to enjoy life even in my ups and down.Though it has showed me a hundred reasons to cry but the bunch of happiness that my friends gave,showed me a thousand reasons to smile.I laugh and laugh like an idiot at each and every moment when they are along with me.My life has become a beautiful ship and i might not need any mariner’s compass to steer my ship cause my friends have already pulled it towards a beautiful path. My friends taught me how to dance in the rain , how to shine in the darkness and how to flow with an ease during a storm.I started trusting them beyond words, beyond everything.Life has become a daydream and i think i have already won a loss bet.
Remember one thing, a true friend can make your life far more better than it was, and it can pull you out from a dark hole and might bring you in a paradise but a fake friend can ruin your life within a second and can push you towards darkness from where you might not come back again. So think before you choose your friends cause it depends only and only on you.

Time waits for none


Putting my small elbows on the table I thought how stupid i was at my teenage.Being so immature and saying thing like i shouldn’t! I should have focus on my study rather than wasting my time behind those fellow friends that i use to have.Though i have said once , that i won’t regret cause its the most stupidest things , rather i would learn from my every mistake and that’s what i did. I over come and i am trying best not to repeat my mistakes. I am trying well to use my times and we all know time is precious.Each and every moment is an opportunity,each and every second is chance so do use it well cause you never know tomorrow might bring a new sunshine and you might shine even in the darkness.

Dream of a poor Boy

poor boy.jpg

One day i went outside and found a boy who was picking up things from the street and i just went towards him and asked
“Why are you doing this? don’t you have a dream to do something else?
He then smiled and said

Once i dream of a house built up with stones and logs and a large fences all around it .
but as i opened my eyelids i found my self lying in the van with a torn blanket covering me.

Once i dream of a garden where i danced in the rain with the fragrance of the flowers.
But reality was something else and as i opened my eyelids i found myself on the street and it was almost muddy all around me for the rain was continuously falling down.

Once i dream of a girl with a long hair.Her hair was like a flowing golden river that streaming down her shoulder.She whispered into my ears and said “how much she loves and wanna stay with me forever”.
But now i didn’t dared to open my eyes cause i found my dream much more better than my reality and i knew as i would open my eyes she would disappear like a smoke here and there.

The Lantern of my life..



The moon is the lantern of my life.It has always tried to create a mood at midnight along with the wind and it has always been a pleasure to watch .At night when the moon swings on the lap of the sky,i sit in the courtyard and the moon wink at me through the cloud above .Often i sit with a copy and pen and try to write some beautiful lines that comes in my mind.

There is a Hope



I gazed at the back and saw thousand mistakes of mine, but the best thing that happened was I got to learn lesson which i might not forget in my entire life , I smiled at my mistakes rather than regretting on it cause i know life itself is a teacher and we are in a state of constant learning. Wasting your life in regretting is the most stupidest thing one canĀ  actually do.

I could see a bright future of mine but the only problem is , I just need a little push so that i could keep going on and on without any pause.
Reality is something else, where there is a problem there is a life, once you get rid of your problems your life would come to a halt, cause life is all about challenges .

I keep thinking on how to get rid of my problems,but once I get rid of it i feel lonely, it might because problems keeps me busy and makes me much more happy once i found a solution, cause some one said “challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming is what makes life meaningful”.

Never the less don’t loose your hope cause where there is a hope, there is a life and remember one thing difficult road often lead to a beautiful destination.