A Fight with My Life

A fght with my life.jpg

 My life has decided to end up
before starting its journey.

It has became a wrecked ship
that might sink at any time.

Though i don’t want it to happen
but situation has grown much more harder than it was.

I don’t want my life to loose it’s faith
but it’s continuously  whispering into my ears and saying
“enough is enough now let just cut it off ”

Is it easy to just cut it down
no i won’t let that happen!

My life argued “no you have to”!
We quarreled each day , each night in a believe that
one of us is definitely going to win.

Later,time flew away and
one day a little rays of the sun splashed into our eyes and
showed us a beautiful destination.
Darkness fade away and light appeared.

I hugged my life so tightly , like nobody else did and
it has then promised me to continue the journey until death knocks our door.


A Lesson to Remember-crop

Introducing myself isn’t that much easy for me cause I’m bit confuse and still trying to find out my talents that i couldn’t find yet, though i know that someday i am gonna  surely create my own sunshine and i wanna be the inspiration of million people . I know each and every human beings have some extra ordinary talents    in them but you might don’t know that so in that case what you are gonna do is like, keep calm try to focus in your life , try to get some space and then think about that particular talent that you have not particular actually one may have  many talents in them . Then discover it and let the world know about it .