Childhood Memories


Childhood was the first character of my life and I really enjoyed playing the role.
I was the lead role of my family and got the attention almost from everyone.
I would define my childhood a never ending vacation.
I used to fly like a bird, I used to sleep without any burden on my shoulders, I used to live as if the world was mine.
I didn’t know the meaning of life, I just kept enjoying every bit of it and let all the happiness fall gently on me.
Now things have changed, time ran far away but I am still lost in my childhood.
Those memories will last forever and it always lit up my face with a glee.


Daughter’s are special


My daughters are the apple of my eyes and are not less than from any pearls. They have the most pretty little smile which is much more precious then what ever I have today. I don’t think of them a burden rather I treat them as a princess of my castle, cause i think each and every girl is born to be a queen not to be a slave.