A Rohingya Said

Rohingya Muslim People

Myanmar is my motherland or should I say it was.Anyways no matter how rudely it behaves I’ll always love my country.
20 years back I took birth in a Muslim family and passed my childhood, teenage in this land.These 20 years will always be an amazing year of my life. It was like a blanket of love which I may not want to keep it apart from me. I would cherish that moment till my last breath.It has been a long journey. Time flies like an arrow. It has changed my country along with it. My country has started hating me only because I am a Muslim and it shattered me down. I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t hate my country cause it has given me a lot, nor I could love it cause it has thrown me in at the deep end. My life has become a horrifying ride. It has become a dark night and I felt like there was a few chance of the sun to rise in it. I was trapped in between hate and love.
Oh! My dear Lord, you created such a huge and a beautiful world with a million and billion humans in it. But trust me not a single hand dared to hold me, not a single person dared to shelter me, Though it made me cry not because I was abandoned rather I cried for you cause I know you were hurt more than I was after seeing the cruelness from your most favorite creation ”human beings”. How nicely you have created a man with a clay and put a soul in it. That’s why I don’t want you to be sad. Life works in strange ways and I have learned to accept it. I don’t want to grumble about my life cause it’s a wonderful present from you. I am a Muslim and no matter where life takes I will be a Muslim, and Kalima would be the last words before my death. If being a Muslim is my fault then I really don’t wanna be right, all I need is you, your blessing and your support to survive in this cruel world till my last breath.


Childhood Memories


Childhood was the first character of my life and I really enjoyed playing the role.
I was the lead role of my family and got the attention almost from everyone.
I would define my childhood a never ending vacation.
I used to fly like a bird, I used to sleep without any burden on my shoulders, I used to live as if the world was mine.
I didn’t know the meaning of life, I just kept enjoying every bit of it and let all the happiness fall gently on me.
Now things have changed, time ran far away but I am still lost in my childhood.
Those memories will last forever and it always lit up my face with a glee.

I am Crying




I am crying not because I am weak its just because I want to clean away all my fears that are hidden in my eyes.
Fears of being insulted.
Fears of losing faith in myself.
Fears of being betrayed by my closest one.
Fears of losing battles of my life.
Fears of bothering about words that are not even meant for me.
I just want to make myself strong before overcoming all the storm that will knock at my door.

A Day with My Friends

A Day with My Friends


I was sitting beside the window with out any thought cause i was tired of thinking about stuffs that has always annoyed  me.So i thought of giving a minute to myself. No matter how tensed i am, no matter how sad i am the light of the sun , the whispering of the birds the murmuring sound of the wind playing with the bridge has always turned my sadness mood into jovial.Though these thing has always tried to give me happiness but the rain has loved me more than anything.It was about a day when the light of the sun fade away and a bunch of cloud appeared on the lap of the sky along with darkness.I loved it and the fragrance of the rain has already knocked the window and told me to watch it with pleasure.It was about to rain before that a strong wind took place and it made me recall all the pain of my life but as the rain started it made me calm and i felt like it has already  washed away all my pains and sorrow .Books are my best friends .I have lots of books beside my window.I thought myself blessed for having my two friends along with me . The rain and my books.The rain was gently falling and my eyes scanned the book.I was just lost in myself . Reality was something else.Life is not about to enjoy reading books along with the rain and i got to realize as the rain stopped.My life turned into its own place like a flash back .

Waves Rising for Me

waves rising for me

Life is all about digging up happiness no matter how deep it is and thinking of it a hard work is what sadness is. I was loss in a sea of nameless faces, and thought the world is not for but for the people all around me.I was trying to build a little place for me , a place of peace and happiness. I tried and tried but never gave up and at end got to see the ocean waves rising for me.The wave of the ocean didn’t let me to sink rather it has helped me to float with an ease.

A Thousand Reasons to Smile


I have learned to enjoy life even in my ups and down.Though it has showed me a hundred reasons to cry but the bunch of happiness that my friends gave,showed me a thousand reasons to smile.I laugh and laugh like an idiot at each and every moment when they are along with me.My life has become a beautiful ship and i might not need any mariner’s compass to steer my ship cause my friends have already pulled it towards a beautiful path. My friends taught me how to dance in the rain , how to shine in the darkness and how to flow with an ease during a storm.I started trusting them beyond words, beyond everything.Life has become a daydream and i think i have already won a loss bet.
Remember one thing, a true friend can make your life far more better than it was, and it can pull you out from a dark hole and might bring you in a paradise but a fake friend can ruin your life within a second and can push you towards darkness from where you might not come back again. So think before you choose your friends cause it depends only and only on you.

The Lantern of my life..



The moon is the lantern of my life.It has always tried to create a mood at midnight along with the wind and it has always been a pleasure to watch .At night when the moon swings on the lap of the sky,i sit in the courtyard and the moon wink at me through the cloud above .Often i sit with a copy and pen and try to write some beautiful lines that comes in my mind.