Happy Mother’s Day


How should i thank mom for keeping me nine months in her belly and giving me her unconditional love.

How should i thank mom for feeding me when i was hungry and could have nothing instead of her milk.

How should i thank mom for carrying me on her lap even in the midnight when i awoke her up with my loudest scream .

How should i thank mom for taking care of me during my illness.

How should i thank her for teaching me how to walk when i was not even able to stand on my feet .

How should i thank her for guarding me like an angel and for being there in my hard times.

Now i am little bit confused should i thank her or should i be sorry for not standing up to her expectations.

Dear mom time flew away but the love you gave me will always remain the same.I am grateful to have you in my life and words won’t be enough to express the love ,the bond that we both share.

I Feel sorry for those who think of their mom a burden and send them to an old age home even at that time when their mother needs them the most.
I really feel sorry for those children who misbehave with their mother and hurt them like they have ever done before.
May Allah help them and give them the power to see the sacrifice  and unconditional love of their mother for them.

I Love You Mom.



A Father’s letter


A father says,
Its seems like yesterday ,
You came forward to me with your little toes and I felt like your bare foot has left its print in my heart.
For the first time you let such beautiful pearls of wisdom slip from your mouth and called me Pa, even today it sounds magical melodies to my ears.

Its seems like yesterday,
You told me that you have chosen a perfect hand for you and wanna hold it forever , and  i just tried to fulfill your demands.

Now today ,
when I am carrying your baby in my lap I feel like I have already visited the Paradise.

But tomorrow might not come again cause my life came to a halt and this time your babies bare foot might not left any prints in my heart cause i will the one leaving my love for them in their heart .

Oh dear, Time flew away in the blink of an eye. We are all shadows on the wall of time.