A Rohingya Said

Rohingya Muslim People

Myanmar is my motherland or should I say it was.Anyways no matter how rudely it behaves I’ll always love my country.
20 years back I took birth in a Muslim family and passed my childhood, teenage in this land.These 20 years will always be an amazing year of my life. It was like a blanket of love which I may not want to keep it apart from me. I would cherish that moment till my last breath.It has been a long journey. Time flies like an arrow. It has changed my country along with it. My country has started hating me only because I am a Muslim and it shattered me down. I didn’t know how to react. I couldn’t hate my country cause it has given me a lot, nor I could love it cause it has thrown me in at the deep end. My life has become a horrifying ride. It has become a dark night and I felt like there was a few chance of the sun to rise in it. I was trapped in between hate and love.
Oh! My dear Lord, you created such a huge and a beautiful world with a million and billion humans in it. But trust me not a single hand dared to hold me, not a single person dared to shelter me, Though it made me cry not because I was abandoned rather I cried for you cause I know you were hurt more than I was after seeing the cruelness from your most favorite creation ”human beings”. How nicely you have created a man with a clay and put a soul in it. That’s why I don’t want you to be sad. Life works in strange ways and I have learned to accept it. I don’t want to grumble about my life cause it’s a wonderful present from you. I am a Muslim and no matter where life takes I will be a Muslim, and Kalima would be the last words before my death. If being a Muslim is my fault then I really don’t wanna be right, all I need is you, your blessing and your support to survive in this cruel world till my last breath.


Waves Rising for Me

waves rising for me

Life is all about digging up happiness no matter how deep it is and thinking of it a hard work is what sadness is. I was loss in a sea of nameless faces, and thought the world is not for but for the people all around me.I was trying to build a little place for me , a place of peace and happiness. I tried and tried but never gave up and at end got to see the ocean waves rising for me.The wave of the ocean didn’t let me to sink rather it has helped me to float with an ease.